Waste management & Industrial

Waste management & Industrial Services:

  1. Solid Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Disposal
  2. Chemical Treatment and Disposal
  3. Oil Recovery
  4. Contaminated Drum Cleaning
  5. Sludge Removal & Treatment
  6. Stabilization & Solidification
  7. Solar Treatment
  8. Hydro Jetting
  9. Industrial Vacuuming
  10. Drum Cleaning

Industrial Waste Management Cleaning and Disposal.

Contaminated Drum Cleaning & Recycling
ABCO KSA ‘treat and dispose or recycle’ contaminated drums depending upon the client’s requirements. Adjusting our methods to accommodate the nature of the waste. For example, chemical, hydrocarbon, waste fuels, lubricating oils, antifreeze chemicals, assorted solvents and other waste. ABCO KSA also offers the services of various tank pump out and cleaning solutions for Companies with Chemical Storage Tanks, Fire Suppression Tanks, Linen Wash Tanks, Food Storage Tanks & Marine Fuel Storage Tanks.

Sludge Removal and Treatment
The process of recovering oil from sludge addresses environmental concerns. ABCO KSA offers a system that is an integration of proven process techniques. Employing separation principles, MEP designed and engineered our system to overcome the board variation in sludge compositions found in tank bottoms, lagoons and landfill oil sludge. Our system can achieve high productivity to maximize the recovery of resources. Utilizing a mechanical oil-sludge treatment plant, which uses thermo-mechanical processes to separate the oil-sludge into its primary components, namely oil, water and solids.

Industrial Waste Management, Disposal & Recycling
ABCO KSA operates both Class I and Class II Landfill Sites: in the Eastern Province facility. Additional landfills and other operations are planned in the future .
ABCO Waste management department / team provide services of waste collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste products, treatment of solid wastes and we can also offer a variety of solutions for recycling items that don’t belong to trash.
The methods we have established are: Landfill, Incineration/Combustion, Recovery and Recycling and Composting.

Solar Treatment
Solar treatment utilizes natural solar energy to drive off the water in various kinds of aqueous wastes and also takes advantage of the physical processes of sedimentation of suspended solids and precipitation of dissolved solids. The basic process involves the placing of aqueous waste’s in large shallow ponds which optimize the surface are available for evaporation. The system is also designed so that coagulant and flocculent aids can be added to the waste liquids in ponds to aid the processes of precipitation and sedimentation. Our system of working is PME approved.

Industrial Vacuuming
The Super Sucker Vacuum Trucks are mobile vacuum units that are used to transfer material from one place to another place with zero spillage and minimal loss of material. The salient feature of this unit are as follows: capable of handling materials in solid, semi-solid and liquid state. It can handle a wide variety of material without causing any damage to either the tank or the contents. A Diesel engine driven vacuum pump in wide range creates high vacuum and is ideal for operations in a Refinery, Petrochemical and Fertilizer plants. The vacuum truck is mainly used to transfer Petroleum crude sludge from pits and storage tank bottoms or to unload by vacuuming sewage waste various chemicals catalyst from packed towers and reactors etc.

Adhoc requests
ABCO KSA takes a flexible approach to our customer’s requirements and are always ready to adapt to support our customer’s needs.